ThinkingCapsSummer Programs

The Write Stuff

The Write Stuff Program Highlights

  • Themed reading and writing topics tailored to student interests
  • Introduction to creative and formal writing formats based on theme
  • Emphasis on editing and revision
  • Final culmination project
Student and tutor working together

The Write Stuff is a course that takes a fun and hands-on approach to reading and writing. Through a variety of theme-based topics such as art history, extreme sports, animals/zoos or culinary/food, students are inspired to explore a personal interest while refining their reading comprehension and writing skills.

The Write Stuff curriculum includes reading and writing assignments based on the chosen theme and the specific needs of each student. Instructors introduce critical reading techniques and inferencing skills through challenging and stimulating literary works, current event articles, and other media. We encourage vocabulary development and literature appreciation. Methods of written expression are explored and cultivated. We teach students how to organize ideas, shape evidence, and develop clarity and sophistication in composition.

The course culminates in the Final Project that integrates all of the previous lessons and includes a hands-on activity or experience. Every student designs a creative piece that reflects a perspective on their chosen theme. The Write Stuff course strengthens a student’s basic language skills and opens up a whole world of reading and writing.