Demystified Programs

National Tests

  • ACT
  • SAT
  • SAT Subject Tests

New York Tests

  • New York State Regents
  • NYS Tests (Math and ELA)
  • NYC Specialized HS Admissions Exam

Demystified: Standardized Test Preparation

Test prep without extra test stress. Whether students are looking to prepare for middle school tests such as the ISEE, high school proficiencies like the NYS Regents, or college entrance exams such as the ACT, we’re here to help. Our Demystified Standardized Test Programs prepare students for test day success by reviewing content and teaching strategies to master standardized tests. We don’t believe in short cuts; our philosophy is that to help students succeed on standardized exams we must build a strong content-knowledge foundation and layer on test know-how.

Distinctive Programs for Every Learner

Not all test takers are the same so test preparation should be as unique as the learner. We are committed to providing students exceptional and personalized test preparation options. Our services include:

Expert Instruction

A student working on test preparation from a textbook

Our test preparation instructors aren’t just standardized test whizzes; they are brilliant and inspiring teachers. We select individuals who scored in the top 1% on selected standardized exams and have demonstrated excellence in core content matter. All TC coaches participate in the Connect the DOTS training program and receive additional preparation in the Demystified Program methodology.

Amazing Resources

Our comprehensive test preparation materials, including the Demystified publications, help students master content and gain familiarity with the tests. These extensive resources are adaptable to different learning styles. We provide students with real tests to expose them to test questions and formats.

Proven Results

For over 15 years, Thinking Caps has been preparing students for success on standardized exams. Our students’ amazing test results has helped more than 90% of our high schoolers gain acceptance into top ranking and Ivy League universities and over 95% of our middle schoolers gain acceptance into their first choice independent school. We strategize every step of the way so our students reach their score goals.

When my son was in 7th grade, we knew he'd have to be prepped for the ISEEs. We hired Thinking Caps on the advice of a school administrator, and we couldn't have been more pleased with the results - and the process. Our son was evaluated by his Thinking Caps coach, and when she discovered that he was missing a few very important math skills, she backed up and made sure all of his fundamentals were in place. The practice exams, which take place under "test conditions," were great for helping him become familiar with the whole set-up so on the day of the test, there were no surprises. Our son's scores rose dramatically, and we don't know who is more thrilled - him, us or his coach! We've also hired a Thinking Caps tutor to help our son with homework, and again, this tutor has been reliable and smart and has helped our son really figure out what he needs to study, and how.

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