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Summer Pi

Summer Pi Program Highlights

  • Review of fundamental concepts
  • Creative, hands-on exercises for applied learning
  • Test preparation/taking strategies
  • Preview upcoming concepts

Summer Pi is a summer-long math program for students in grades 3 – 10. As with all TC programs, Summer Pi begins with an intake meeting to evaluate the student's strengths and weaknesses. We discuss learning styles and then match the student with the appropriate tutor.

A student studying

The basis of the Summer Pi course is a thorough review of the previous years’ material. During the review, we focus on gaps in knowledge, reinforce the fundamental concepts, and solidify basic skills. Through practice of discrete mathematics, students improve and deepen their math comprehension. TC Summer Pi utilizes creative approaches to teaching math and its applications. We look beyond the text book to create activities using real world examples and hands-on problems. The goal is to emphasize critical thinking and understanding of the concepts while making the topics approachable and interesting.

Additionally, TC Summer Pi covers test-taking strategies and focuses on methods and approaches to use when preparing for exams. As many students struggle with "studying for a math test," part of TC Summer Pi includes an introduction to test preparation strategies. During Summer Pi, students are also introduced to the curricula they will encounter in the coming year and preview topics in the next level of mathematics. While TC tutors do not teach the entire course, the aim of the review is to give students familiarity with the material and prepare them to start a new school year with confidence.