Skills and Executive Functioning Coaching Programs

Skills Coaching: Connect the DOTS

Connect the DOTS Program Highlights

  • Implement an effective organization method
  • Plan time efficiently to complete all tasks
  • Break down goals to manageable and actionable tasks
  • Incorporate daily learning strategies to avoid panic and cramming
  • Create and execute an effective study plan with study strategies
  • Develop self-advocacy skills for independent learning

We teach students to study smarter. Our approach instills in students life-long organization, time management, studying and daily maintenance skills.Tutor and student enjoying studying Much more than helping with homework, we introduce do-able and sustainable strategies and reinforce these until they become habits. We encourage students to be active in the learning process so they can achieve personal success. Our innovative Connect the DOTS Program (Daily maintenance work, Organization, Time management, Study strategies) introduces the essential aspects of the academic process. The main objective of the program is give students the tools for thorough and effective completion of projects, assignments and studies. The Connect the DOTS system prepares students for higher level education and achievement in their academic endeavors.

Before Thinking Caps I didn't really know any effective studying methods and now I am able to use my time more efficiently. My coach has been really helpful and fun to work with. She’s helped me find ways to study that work for me and that I understand. I am really amazed by all the positive changes that we have made together.

Trinity Middle School