Comprehensive Reading Instruction

Individualized reading support for every stage of academic growth. Reading is an integral skill for students and provides the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Literacy is sometimes considered a skill that emerges naturally. However, nearly 40% of children have challenges with reading comprehension and learning to read.

TC Reading Programs utilize multidisciplinary techniques and interventions to support readers at every academic level. Carefully selected reading specialists use the interests and learning style of struggling and emerging readers to make steady and substantive progress. From the elementary through the high school level, we set our students on a positive course of intellectual growth and literary development.

Early Reading

With our youngest students, we work on understanding and using language to express ideas and communicate with others. Our program:

Middle Grades

Students in the middle grades refine their reading skills and develop comprehension of texts from a variety of genres. Our aim is to:

High School

Older students focus on higher-order reading skills as they become experts in learning from reading. Our goals are to: