Our Process

Our Process In-Brief

Intake Meeting

TC Match

Learning Plan

Monthly Check-in

We work with families to help students become successful, confident learners. This work starts by getting to know the student, family, and those involved in the student’s academic process.

We begin by meeting with you and your child during our Intake Meeting. We'll speak with you about what you're seeing and where you feel your child’s strengths and weaknesses are. We will also chat with your child and ask him to share his experiences with school and learning.

Tutor and student working together

From there, we'll take a look at supporting documents. We can speak with anyone else relevant such as teachers, psychologists, or psychiatrists so we can see the whole picture of your child’s learning. Then, we'll put together a Learning Plan with specific steps and strategies. These approaches are always practical and goals-oriented.

We Match your child with a coach or tutor from our team. We consider personalities, common interests, academic passions, and teaching/style so that your child “clicks” with her coach. Our faculty is selected from elite universities so we have the opportunity to offer some of the best minds and role models as instructors.

Once we get started, we'll keep track of your child’s work and share progress reports with you during Monthly Check Ins. We can collaborate with teachers and anyone involved in the academic process so everyone is on the same page. The whole way through, an Academic Director will be there as a liaison and advisor helping guide the process

Thinking Caps is a terrific service for putting your child together with the right tutor. I have sought and received their invaluable assistance in the education of both my teenaged sons. TCG has only been helpful and intelligent.

John Patrick Shanley
LREI and Winston Prep