Skills and Executive Functioning Coaching Programs

Skills Coaching: Prepare to Launch

Prepare to Launch Program Highlights

  • Set and achieve realistic goals
  • Break down goals to manageable and actionable tasks
  • Overcome distractions and handle roadblocks
  • Develop effective time management and lasting habits

Prepare to Launch is a TC program designed to meet the needs of young adults who are having a difficult time transitioning to a new phase of their lives. Whether moving into higher education or taking on the first step of aTutor and student enjoying studying career, Prepare to Launch helps these young adults gain traction to make a successful transition. In one-on-one virtual coaching sessions led by a TC Transition Specialist, students learn to set goals, manage time and complete tasks. The program provides training in the life skills that allow students to maintain momentum long after completion of the program.

Prepare to Launch helps young adults learn the skills necessary to succeed in college and career. In a 10-session program, students are paired with a TC Transition Specialist to learn how to set and achieve realistic goals. Depending on the student's needs, Transition Specialists work with a TC Academic Director to focus on personal organization and career launching strategies. Participants use video chat and a shared calendar allowing students to work from the convenience of home. The TC Transition Specialist motivates and creates accountability while supporting the development and long-term adoption of good habits. Students are continuously supported as they initiate the change they want to see in their lives.