Thinking Caps Academic Tutoring Programs:

Subject Tutoring: Math

Lower School Topics Covered:

  • Basic Arithmetic
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Geometry
  • Probability
  • Problem Solving
  • Pre-Algebra

Upper School Topics Covered:

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Statistics

From "I'm not a math person" to "I don't understand derivatives," we help students who are struggling with beginner math to those students looking to explore advanced, nontraditional math topics. We offer enrichment and remediation math programs for all ages, from elementary through the college level. We can help a student who is struggling with beginner math or a student looking to explore advanced, nontraditional math topics. Our tutors not only work with students to lay a strong foundation of comprehension in specific math topics, but they also work with students to encourage mathematical thinking. Our Math Programs are built around specific school and college courses and are designed to satisfy local school standards. Our goal is to help students understand and appreciate the mathematics they are studying.

Lower and Middle School Math

For Lower School Math, we work with students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. The goal of tutoring is to build a solid foundation in the fundamentals of math while also enhancing the ability to learn how to approach and study the subject. Ultimately, TC tutors work to alleviate stress and anxiety so that students develop a comfort with the mathematics.

To enrich our Lower and Middle School Math Subject instruction, we provide access to our extensive library of virtual Math Workbooks that highlight key content areas.

Upper School Math

For students in Upper School, TC offers one-on-one training in a variety of math topics. Whether a student is trying to review and understand the foundations of arithmetic or delve deeper into algebra, they have the opportunity to learn how to distill both the simple mechanics and the multiple mathematical representations of these subjects. Our programs combine the study and investigation of theory along with practical applications-based math reviews. The purpose of our Upper Level Math programs is to enable students to acquire the skills and familiarity with the subject so that they can succeed in college-level courses and standardized exams. To supplement regular tutoring sessions, we invite our students to practice with the Thinking Caps virtual Math Workbook library.