Our Instructors

Student and teaching enjoying studying together

At the heart of Thinking Caps are our instructors who all share a passion for teaching and helping students succeed. We select instructors with high emotional intelligence and varying interests and backgrounds so that we can match the right instructor to every student. Each instructor serves as a mentor, cheerleader, and guide; and strives to build meaningful relationships to inspire in students an interest for study and a love of learning.

Our instructors are highly educated and are either currently attending or have recently graduated from leading universities. They come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Among our team are: all-state athletes, valedictorians, volunteers working with at-risk children, engineers, law students, and certified teachers. Their expertise in various academic disciplines allows Thinking Caps to meet the needs of a broad variety of students with a wide range of objectives; from a middle schooler who needs homework help to a high school student seeking guidance for standardized exam preparation. In our instructors, students find role models, teachers, and friends.

All TC Instructors undergo a rigorous interview process and are trained in the TC skills-based learning methodologies. New instructors complete a course in our Connect the DOTS Program. They are trained how to identify various learning styles, assess student strengths, and personalize teaching techniques to each individual student. Select instructors are invited to become Demystified test prep instructors. Those selected, receive additional training, which is geared toward specific exams and is based on our Demystified Program methodology. Throughout their tenure, all TC instructors participate in ongoing professional education through TCU to further develop and hone their teaching skills.

Instructors work closely with an Academic Director to receive feedback, guidance, and support. This collaborative process ensures the success of the Thinking Caps team and our students.