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Bootcamp Program Highlights

  • Flexible scheduling for summer campers
  • Intensive individualized program
  • Concentrated lesson plans
  • Introduction to new concepts
A tutor working with a student

Bootcamp programs are designed for students who are not available for summer-long programs and allow flexibility in scheduling their summer learning. These programs provide an array of courses enabling students to work toward credit recovery, refresh and master previously learned material, and concentrate on enrichment of personal academic interests. Bootcamp is a blend of focused, in-person lessons and curriculum-driven independent learning.

The Bootcamp courses are divided into three parts: in-person instruction at the start of the summer to lay a foundation of learning and close any knowledge gaps, directed independent study, and in conclusion, in-person wrap-up meetings to evaluate and recap coursework. The intensive format of the programs provides students with unique opportunities to immerse themselves in a subject at an accelerated pace.

Bootcamp is offered in the following academic subjects: writing skills, mathematics, science, and foreign languages.